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The V3 nerd belt is your new essential companion for staying hydrated, fuelled, and comfortable during running training sessions, races, or endurance-based activities. Ideal for Ironmans, Ironman 70.3, half marathons, full marathons and trail runs. 


Experience zero bounce, regardless of your pace. The nerd belt is a lightweight hydration and fuel running belt with adjustable straps to fit all nerds, and it conveniently holds a race bib number, eliminating the need for safety pins on race day.

nerd belt V3 & 2 x 300ml bottles


    Every nerd counts

    We use Heaps Good home compostable eco-mailers to ship your order.


    Produce significantly less CO2 than plastic mailers.

    Home Compostable

    Certified AS5810 & AS4736.


    Made from corn starch, PLA and PBAT. No nasty plastics here.

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